Rodney Hunt

Rodney Hunt Joins

Monday, June 06, 2011

London (West End)

Rodney Hunt has joined the London Investment Team of Mathews & Goodman.  Located in the West End office in Regent Street, Rodney will concentrate on the development of client-specific investment strategy services, embracing both transactional and financial modelling activities, whilst expanding the firms' coverage of the retail sector.

Rodney says:  "I am very pleased to be joining this established, multi-disciplinary practice.  The move offers me the chance to develop my relationships with existing institutional and high net worth clients, providing a broader service by drawing on the additional expertise the firm can offer them."

Rodney will be active primarily in the UK, but will also develop relationships in mainland Europe and Asia.

Rodney was formerly with niche retail specialists, Angermann, Goddard & Loyd.