In 1865, a Surveyor and Auctioneer by the name of Marmaduke Matthews, established his business at 1 Albany Street in London. Although he primarily dealt with residential property, he also set up a furniture storage facility in what became known as the Albany Pantechnicon. He invited several family members into the firm and in 1887 it became Matthews and Matthews.

In 1900, Alfred Goodman joined the company and the name changed to Matthews, Matthews and Goodman. Alfred brought with him a large property portfolio, which led to the expansion of the firms' services into property management. By this time, they also had offices in 35 Bucklersbury in the City and at 38 Friar Street, Reading.

In 1928 the firm was renamed Matthews & Goodman - although there was a short period between 1978-1995 when it was rebranded (a tongue twisting) Matthews, Goodman & Postlethwaite.

Over the last 40 years, the evolution of the business has included acquisition/mergers with firms which shared similar values and culture. These included:

  • John Postlethwaite & Co, in Liverpool, 1978
  • Joshua Bury, Earle, Manchester, 1996
  • Kemsley Whiteley & Ferris, London, 1997
  • Edmund Kirby, Liverpool, 2011
  • Chapman Bates, London, 2014
  • Sinclair Clark Allegra, 2016.