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Beyond Londongrad

If Russian entities are forced to withdraw from the UK property market, who will plug the gap? Richard Clarke ponders the UK’s inward investment options in our latest blog.

2022 - A Brave New World

Head of Investment James Routledge delivers his property predictions for 2022.

COP26 and Us

Ahead of the COP26 summit, Phil Winckles questions the role the property sector is playing in trying to avoid a global climate emergency.

Don't Knock It Until You've Tried It...

Following the loss of it's World Heritage status, the external perception of Liverpool will once again take an unfair knock, says partner Lynn Haime.

Covid-19 Part VI: The Post-Pandemic Workforce

Our post-pandemic workplace plans must go beyond employers' occupational requirements and address the psychological and emotional needs of our employees, argues Richard Clarke.

Global Britain - the 2021 Reboot

Philip Aldrick (Economics Editor at The Times) and Mark Long (Head of Strategy at Orchard Street Investment Management) share their thoughts at our Breakfast Briefing webinar.

Digitalisation & Upskilling

Tom Norfolk ponders what the commercial real estate sector should be focusing on in a COVID-induced economy.

Covid-19 Part V: Sitting my RICS APC - via Skype

In our on-going review of the impact and implications COVID-19 has had on society, we asked Libby Naylor, one of our newly qualified surveyors to reflect on how it impacted her professional life.

Surviving The Knocks

The UK property sector is challenged but still attractive, says Head of Investment, James Routledge.

Climate Change - what's our role?

Partner Tim Austin considers the role of the property industry in the fight against climate change - are we doing enough?

Flexi offices - the dream choice?

Do flexi offices herald a new age in workplace history? Partner and Head of National Business Space David Laws considers the evidence.

The Bigger Picture

Brexit will not be the most influential determinate of the UK's future prospects, says Partner and Head of Investment James Routledge.

Embracing the Tech Effect

Partner and Head of Property & Asset Management Tim Austin considers how technology is shaping what we do, when we do it and how we do it.

The Office - A Space Odyssey

As office space and the way we use it continues to evolve, Partner David Laws explores the links between business space, productivity and the war for talent.

The Jump to Light Speed

Partner and Head of Property & Asset Management Tim Austin questions whether our ever-increasing connectivity demands are being met.

Mirror. Signal. Change

The introduction of the Model T Ford had a profound impact on civilisation. Could recent developments be set to disrupt our future in the same way?

The Pursuit of Productivity

Partner and Head of National Business Space David Laws ponders our national productivity dilemma.

Post Brexit Britain - Boom or Doom?

Central London headline rents may have dropped across all sub markets, but the UK continues to be an attractive proposition, says head of Central London Agency Richard Clarke.

The Need for Speed

Our current digital infrastructure is failing our businesses, says National Business Space Partner, David Laws

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