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Stay Put - Don’t Move

An initial review of your responses suggests that moving premises might not really be necessary - staying where you are is probably the best option.

However, your impending lease end could be a great reason to review your ambitions for your business, as it allows you to think strategically about what you require from your workplace and how you could leverage your current premises to achieve this, while realising your company’s corporate, strategic, brand and talent management goals.

If you do decide to stay, you might want to refresh your existing workplace and give your team a compelling reason to enjoy coming to work. You will also be able to review your financial relationship with your landlord and, with evidence in your hands and a seasoned negotiator on your team, negotiate better lease terms than you have now.

In addition, focusing on ‘how’ you use your workplace allows you to consider new layouts and better utilisation of space. Planning how you could enhance collaboration and cooperation between employees and teams will inevitably improve productivity, engagement amongst colleagues and employee satisfaction.

Therefore, not moving on does not mean standing still.

What are your corporate ambitions:

  1. Planning to expand - the reconfiguration of your existing arrangement could accommodate forecasted growth
  2. Thinking about downsizing - you might be able to move to a smaller office within the landlord’s building/portfolio, or sublet part of your existing space (both options will reduce your occupational costs)
  3. Negotiate new terms - now is the perfect time to negotiate better terms with your landlord
  4. Reconfiguration - consider how you could create a more efficient, flexible, productive and employee-focused working environment
  5. Cut costs - if you are looking to reduce overheads, consider desk-sharing, energy-efficiency strategies and redeploying underused meeting rooms.

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