Business Rates (offices) : Covid-19 Update

Since the government advised us that those who can, should work from home rather than travel to work, we have had many clients inquire about the possibility of applying for an ‘empty rate’ void period of up to three months, at 100% relief from business rates.

At present, we anticipate the generally accepted test of beneficial occupation will be applied (by billing authorities) – ie even if no one is working from the premises, the beneficial storage of documents, goods and chattels may be insufficient to establish empty status. The approach taken by separate billing authorities to such requests may vary. If you require any advice, please do feel free to contact a member of our specialist Business Rates team to discuss your particular circumstances.

The situation concerning COVID-19 relief from business rates appears to be subject to change, therefore we will continue to monitor this issue very closely and notify you of any relevant changes. Should you require an overview of the current measures, please contact one of our Business Rates specialists.

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