Innovative Upright MRI Centre Acquired for Medserena

Matthews & Goodman have acquired premises in West Didsbury and project managed the subsequent procurement and fit out process, to create the second Medserena Upright MRI Centre in the UK.

Medserena Upright MRI Centres provide a superior patient experience and are equipped with an innovative Upright Positional MRI scanner; an open scanner suitable for claustrophobic patients, able to deliver unique and dynamic MRI studies of the brain, spine, knees and hip joints.

The space requirements were therefore very specific; from a self-contained ground floor unit and a fit-out akin to a 5-Star hotel, to a floor loading capability of 145 tonnes, a minimum floor to celling height and a 400 KVA power supply requirement.

Within four weeks, Matthews & Goodman located a suitable property; a 4000 sq ft ground floor unit within a residential development, located adjacent to a sub station capable of providing the required power.

The firm subsequently managed the Project and Contract Administration of the entire procurement and fit out process, appointing local consultants to install the specialist scanner and co-ordinating local contractors and teams in Germany, Spain and America to complete the associated fit out work.

David Laws, head of national business space at Matthews & Goodman commented, “Medserena Upright MRI faced a challenging search for premises in the North West, defined by a very specific and unusual list of criteria. The level of base specification required is not built speculatively by developers and our network of contacts was invaluable in finding the right solution for our client.”

David Rose, Managing Director at Medserena Upright MRI commented, “Having previously worked with Matthews & Goodman, we were confident they would approach the search with a thorough understanding of our needs and deliver a shortlist of potential sites. We were prepared for the long haul, but in fact we were shown a perfect site in West Didsbury on our first site search visit. The Centre is now open and in a prime location, which has allowed us to maximise the potential of our business. We are delighted with the team at Matthews & Goodman who have helped us to achieve this.”

Matthews & Goodman previously acquired premises for Medserena’s first Upright MRI Centre, an established, modern facility located in Kensington.

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