our deep market knowledge gives us an understanding of complex trading values

Licensed, Leisure & Hotels

Advising licensed, leisure, healthcare, hotel properties and convenience stores is a specialist service and one we have been delivering for over 40 years.

As a sector specialist, our Licensed, Leisure and Hotels Team provides clients with impartial and independent valuation and advice which helps them make informed decisions based on reliable trading related advice and protect their bottom line.

However, because no two business are the same, every business valuation we do starts with a detailed look ‘under-the-bonnet’ to understand both its strengths and its weaknesses before we arrive at a conclusion and provide our advice.

Clients appoint us because of our deep market knowledge, our understanding of how properties trade (from fair maintainable levels of trade and gross profit margins, to wage costs, operational costs and fair maintainable operating profit) and our accurate assessment of trading potential, market value and the market rent. But above all, it is our understanding of a business’s KPIs which enables us to provide the best advice.

To speak to a member of the Licensed, Leisure & Hotels team today, contact us by calling one of our UK offices, or complete our online enquiry form and we will get straight back to you.

In addition to advising most of the high street banks and some of the nation’s leading challenger banks, the Business Valuation Team also works very successfully as part of an integrated Investment Advisory Team which includes specialists in:

For reliable Licenced, Leisure & Hotels advice based on deep market knowledge, contact us today.


Valuations are required for a host of reasons including secured lending, financial reporting, purchase negotiation or individual issues such as probate or matrimonial.

We will contact you following receipt of an instruction letter to arrange a date and time convenient for you for us to inspect your property.

Ideally, you will need to provide trading accounts from at least the past three years, as well as any future projections from your accountant. Don’t worry if you don’t have all this information immediately available or you are a relatively new business, we can always find a different solution in less straightforward cases.

We will meet you at the property and undertake a full review of the business with the benefit of your knowledge of its day-to-day running (with questions such as opening hours, pricing, staff wages, etc). We may have some questions about the information contained within the trading accounts. Don’t worry if you don’t immediately have the answers, we can discuss these questions with your accountant if you prefer.

We may need to measure the property (don’t worry, it’s not like the old days with a tape measure. We will use a laser measure that is much quicker!) and take some notes and photographs.

If you rent your property, we can carry out a valuation of your leasehold interest (i.e. not taking into account the physical ‘bricks and mortar’). We will still need to do a full business appraisal and may also still need to measure and take photos of the property.

Case Studies

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