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Public Sector

Faced by a combination of significant (real term) reductions in central government funding, a constantly changing regulatory environment and a greater need to provide more (and more complex) services, we know that all senior management teams in the public sector have to make difficult decisions which can have profound short and long-term implications – for their organisation, as well as the communities they serve.

Knowing this, our Public Sector team focuses on helping clients maximise the value of their property assets by:

  • Reducing/managing the:
    • Cost of ownership and occupancy
    • Risks associated with their property portfolio and their reputation
  • Helping to develop and manage their property investment fund – be it acquiring or disposing of single properties, or portfolio investments
  • Ensuring all stakeholders benefit from a fair, efficient and cost-sensitive relationship with their (public sector) landlord/service provider. 

The core skills of our Public Sector team include:


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Case Studies

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