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Self Storage

We know that over the last 24 months, the UK self-storage sector has increased its:

  • Occupancy rates
  • Revenue per square foot
  • Attractiveness to the investment community as an asset class.

We know this because our multi-disciplined Self Storage Team advises over 45% of the top 12 UK companies, as well as companies with 1-5 units.

With proven experience of saving clients money and minimising their risk of ownership, the Self-Storage Team has collectively advised on:

  • 45% of the sites owned by the top 10 UK storage companies
  • Over 40% of the self-storage space they own.

If you own, manage or are think of investing in this exciting and growing asset class, then call us. We can help you with your:

We are a Supplier Member of the Self Storage Association (SSA).

Contact our team of Self Storage experts today by calling 0151 236 4552 for our Liverpool office, 020 7367 5533 for London City, 020 7747 8847 for London West End or 0161 839 5515 for Manchester.

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