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Business Rates Advice

The current uncertainty caused by the new Rating List  and new appeals procedure makes it even more difficult for occupiers to develop a coherent strategy to minimise or mitigate their business rate liabilities.

However, irrespective of whether your new assessment has increased, decreased or stayed the same, experience tells us that there may be a number of potential opportunities to reduce the amount you pay in rates - any one of which could make a significant difference to your bottom line over the next five years.

Our team of Business Rates consultants (advising clients on their Business Rates liabilities is all they do) has a deep expertise which extends over a wide range of properties and sectors including office space, industrial, retail premises and specialist properties. They have a proven track record in:

  • Budgeting and rate bill audits
  • Successfully appealing against Rateable Values
  • Securing temporary allowances if the property is adversely affected by external factors - such as disturbances caused by major building works
  • Advising on reliefs and exemptions (e.g. empty or partially occupied property relief)
  • Expert witness representation.

But above all, our long standing relationships with our private and public sector clients is underpinned by a simple fact - we save them millions of pounds in business rates, year after year.

Contact Matthews & Goodman today for expert business rates advice by calling 0151 236 4552 for our Liverpool office, 020 7367 5533 for London City, 020 7747 8847 for London West End or 0161 839 5515 for Manchester. Alternatively, fill out an online form.

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