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Commercial Property Dispute Resolution

If you are involved with a civil claim, litigation, matrimonial or other dispute and you require an experienced dispute resolution expert who:

  • Has proven specialist property knowledge and is therefore able to make informed recommendations and provide independent and impartial advice
  • Understands the laws of contract and tort and has the ability to use the applicable procedural law
  • Has the ability to evaluate information and present an argument clearly, compellingly and in a fair and neutral way
  • Has extensive Expert Witness experience of property related disputes
  • Is RICS qualified and is part of an Expert Witness team which also includes RICS Registered Valuers

… then talk to us. Call one of our UK offices today, or complete our online enquiry form. You may also want to download our Dispute Resolution brochure.

Our expertise includes:

  • Preparing expert witness property valuation reports which are fully Civil Procedure Rules, Family or Criminal Procedure Rules compliant
  • Advising on tenancy and rental disputes
  • Representing clients in courts, property tribunals and in adjudication
  • Acting as Single Joint Expert in the valuation of assets and portfolios in disputes which
    involve property
  • Appearing before or providing written representation to planning inquiries and hearings – especially in connection with employment land disputes or appeals
  • Mediation, as an alternative dispute resolution procedure.

The truth is we know that disputes can be expensive and unsettling distractions, which is why we work closely and in collaboration with legal teams to find an equitable solution.

We know that as Expert Witnesses, our duty of care is to the Court and not to clients who appoint us: our focus is entirely on property related issues and disputes.

We have no typical cases, but whether we are retained by claimants or defendants, providing preliminary pre-action advice or current/retrospective advice; acting in rent review arbitration cases (as an independent expert) or for Landlord & Tenant 1954 Act renewal cases referred to court; there is one thing you can be assured of – we will provide honest, informed and independent advice whether we are dealing with commercial or residential properties.

How We Can Help

Our Expert Witness specialists help clarify and resolve property related issues. The team’s experience and expertise is often the difference between success or failure of a claim.

The team has a proven track record of working closely with legal teams – whether they are providing initial advice/counsel, helping develop/refine a resolution strategy, appearing in court, providing mediation services, or providing a report which complies with CPR Part 35.

Contact us today to find out how we could help you or your client. Call one of our UK offices, or complete our online enquiry form.

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