Portfolio Investments

Portfolio Investments

Multi-asset, multi-fund


Research, initiate and create new balanced Funds to meet investors requirements


A proven track record in:

  • Managing multi-asset, multi-fund strategies
  • Implementing multi-sector and multi market plans
  • Portfolio strategy, identification/evaluation of validated opportunities and property management
  • Advising and managing lots of £2m-£100m across industrial, office, retail and alternatives sectors

A Private Investment Company

  • Senior counsel when the PE company was considering setting up the Fund – from setting up portfolios and single asset vehicles, through to disposal on maturity of business plan
  • Investment and development funding advice (sourcing, screening, negotiating)
  • Strategic advice at both the portfolio and property level
  • Red Book Valuation and preparation of Development & Market Reports to help clients review and refine their investment ambitions, goals and plans
  • Implemented tactical investment sales programmes
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