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Occupier Services

Understanding our clients’ vision for their workspace lies at the heart of our Occupier Services capability.

It defines our brief when we seek new premises for them.

It helps us focus the advice we give them on how best to optimise their workspace, whilst meeting their occupational, as well as their financial, brand and cultural goals.

Working with our clients, we:

  • Translate their ‘vision’ for their workspace into reality
  • Help their (property related) costs management
  • Advise them how to minimise their risks and liabilities.

In short, we help clients manage each property asset across its entire lifecycle of occupancy and ownership.

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How we work

Being a multi-disciplined team of specialists, we offer an integrated service – one team, one plan, one goal – which comprises:

  • Our starting point is always to understand what our client’s strategic and financial goals are, what their brand aspirations are and how they intend to use their ‘space’
  • This helps us to refine the brief in terms of the location, size and how the space could be deployed to achieve both organisational and cultural goals
  • Identify potential properties
    • We use our extensive network of contacts, property databases and local knowledge to identify potential premises for consideration
    • The search extends to properties which are on and off the market, as well as the grey market
    • Every recommendation is supported by a full analysis of the property
  • Technical due diligence
    • Having refined the shortlist to the preferred option, we conduct a pre-acquisition survey of the premises to ensure that clients make an informed decision and limit the risks of any unforeseen liabilities
    • This intel also underpins our negotiating position and helps clients make financial provisions for future liabilities
  • Selection & Acquisition
    • From the point we make an offer, we are actively involved in the negotiation of the best terms (not just price) and a timeframe which best suits our clients
    • We work closely with the legal teams, the vendor’s team and other advisors once the covenant has been agreed (this acts as a lease guarantee)
  • This is much more than just ‘desk planning’. It’s about how the space will be used to create a place:
    • Employees and customers want to come to
    • Which epitomises our clients’ brand and culture
    • Underpins their talent retention and recruitment goals
    • Where productivity can thrive
    • Which meets clients’ ‘blended workplace’ strategies
  • We ‘Check’ to ensure that clients pay the correct amount
  • We ‘Challenge’ the Valuation Office if they are not
  • We manage the ‘Appeal’ to its successful conclusion
  • We calculate if a landlord’s demands are equitable and reasonable
  • If they are not, we challenge them
  • Refunds can be backdated to the start the lease term
  • It’s all about price, people, process
    • Price: a robust understanding of the local market, coupled with knowledge of sector trends allows us to hone our advice in terms of both price and positioning
    • People: knowing who is in the market for the property, or who is/might be considering a property like the one we are marketing is a critical element of our marketing strategy
    • Process: from the moment we are appointed to the moment the lease is signed, we actively manage the whole process … so you don’t have to
  • End of lease remits centre on the reinstatement of the property to its original condition
  • This might include:
    • The removal of partition walls, suspended ceilings and structures erected during the period of the lease
    • Undertaking plumbing repairs and electrical work
    • Decorating or floor finish requirements in accordance with provisions set out in a Schedule of Dilapidations
  • We know how to negotiate and deliver a fair and equitable resolution to schedules normally prepared by the landlord’s surveyor
  • We also ensure that what needs to be done, is done.

Why choose Matthews & Goodman

Because every client’s requirements are different, each appointment requires a bespoke team of specialists with extensive experience and expertise of workplace consultancy, occupational strategy and implementation. View some of our recent case studies.

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Case Studies

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