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Occupier Services

We know that for most clients, property is one of their top three costs.

We also appreciate that every client’s requirements are different –a unique combination of geography, issues, in-house capability and corporate/financial/occupational goals.

That is why each client is advised by a bespoke team of specialists with extensive experience and expertise of occupational strategy - from relocation planning, to advice on mitigating business rates to achieving service charge savings.

How we work

We always start by listening to, learning about and understanding our client’s commercial and corporate requirements: only then do we research options which provide clients with a choice of:

  • The best space
  • In the best location
  • At the best terms
  • And the lowest operational costs.

Our services

Our integrated team of occupier specialists includes:

  • Acquisition – researching both on and off-market for the best options and, when the preferred premises has been identified, negotiate the optimum terms
  • Disposal - combining a smart strategy with an extensive network of potential purchasers, tenants and contacts to achieve the best terms
  • Building Consultancy – protecting clients’ interests at every stage of their property ownership and occupation cycle, relating to the building fabric
  • Business Rates Advice – minimising clients’ Business Rates liabilities by maximising reliefs and exceptions and challenging rateable values
  • Lease Consultancy – analysing and understanding the client`s lease liabilities and opportunities
  • Service Charge Audit – achieving significant savings (sometimes backdated to the start of the lease).


If you are an occupier looking for property advice, contact our team of occupier specialists today.

Our offices

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