Case Study

Institutional Property Fund


Institutional Property Fund.


Undertake a strategic review of the existing management of the retail park to identify potential:

  • Operational inefficiencies
  • Supplier optimisation opportunities – in terms of costs and service
  • Ways to reduce voids
  • Revenue generation opportunities


Having conducted a forensic review of the accounts and management files for the park, we presented the Fund Manager with a Business Plan for the retail park. Following approval of our recommendations, the financial and operational impact was immediate:

  • The Operating Service Charge was reduced by 25% within 12 months
  • Supply contracts were rationalised and re-tendered which resulted in improved service and better value
  • Car parking income was generated from a standing start
  • By improving the appearance of the park, we helped reduce voids by 60%
  • The historically poor Health and Safety record/claims history for the site was improved - 60% reduction in claims.
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